Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sports at RYCI--Girls' Volleyball

RYCI had an active sports program and many championship wins over the years. Here's one example from February 21, 1968, when the girls' Jr. volleyball team won the Borough of Etobicoke Girls' Interschool Volleyball Championship.

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Unknown said...

Hi I attended in 1979 to the closing. I picketed outside for Royal York to continue and not close I was on the basketball team in 1979 to 1980 1981 and in the orchestra and band playing the violin and the trumpet. I wore. Ukrainian cultural dance outfit to school on the day of Halloween so people would know I am UkrainIAN Canadian. I loved this high school .I miss it . I needed to continue High school at the Mimico High School because it closed. Please let me know if you remember me. My name is Lessya Nahorny. I was called Lasha .Yes also Horny because of my last name .